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CFC International LLC - Head office

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San Francisco, California,
94107-1366, USA

CFC Interantional LLC is engaged in R&D of innovative construction materials.

We introduce our newest product - Cellular Fibro Concrete (CFC). CFC is a type of cellular concrete produced from a prefabricated dry mix. The technology is unique because CFC can be prepared by simply mixing with water, using standard mixing equipment. The material is water- and frost-resistant, with excellent thermo- and sound-insulation properties, it is fire-resistant and nature friendly.

Our team is devoted to spreading the new technology of CFC production worldwide.      банкя    къщи банкя

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CFC cellular concrete dry mixture

Cellular concrete - definition

Cellular concrete is a lightweight cement-based material, containing many gas bubbles evenly distributed in the volume, produced by blending and maturing of a mixture of cement, filler, water, agent generating cells.

cellular concrete definition

By the method of generating the air or gas cells there exist foam concrete and gas concrete. Gas concrete is presented mainly in the form of pre-cast blocks (Ytong, Hebel etc.), the majority of its applications however demand it to be cast-in-place.

Cellular concrete is produced with various densities (volume weights) from 250 kg/m³ to 1600 kg/m³. CFC is harder in comparison with traditional insulation materials, especially when chemical and fire resistance is needed.

The specialists of CFC International LLC developed and patented a fundamentally new approach to the preparation and application of aerated concrete in construction. A dry mix of cellular gas concrete was created - Cellular Fibro Concrete ("Fibro" indicates that the cellular concrete is reinforced with synthetic fibres). The dry mix is packed in 25 kg paper bags, 500 kg and 1000 kg big-bags, or transported in mobile silo-bunkers or in special vehicles with built in mixers, directly to the construction sites.

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