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CFC Interantional LLC is engaged in R&D of innovative construction materials.

We introduce our newest product - Cellular Fibro Concrete (CFC). CFC is a type of cellular concrete produced from a prefabricated dry mix. The technology is unique because CFC can be prepared by simply mixing with water, using standard mixing equipment. The material is water- and frost-resistant, with excellent thermo- and sound-insulation properties, it is fire-resistant and nature friendly.

Our team is devoted to spreading the new technology of CFC production worldwide.      банкя    къщи банкя

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CFC cellular concrete dry mixture


Cellular concrete is widely used for a variety of geological and structural engineering solutions:

  • Energy absorption - crash barriers are usually constructed using aerated concrete. Currently, horizontal layers of porous concrete are used on the runways of various airports;
  • Fire resistance - for the processes of production, processing and storage in various industries cellular concrete can be used for very effective fire protection. Fire resistance of the cellular concrete is extremely high;
  • Backfilling - cellular concrete is typically used to backfill the abandoned mines to prevent access of people/wildlife in hazard areas;
  • Ability to restore the trench - cellular concrete does not collapse over time and its structural potential is higher than that of gravel, sand, crushed stone. If necessary, cellular concrete can be easily re-excavated. Thus, cellular concrete is an ideal solution for restoring trenches, especially where:
    • - compacting can not be held due to security reasons, when in the proximity of other utilities, including gas, electrical and fiber optic lines;
    • - compacting can not physically be done because of the dense surrounding buildings. Because of its good fluidity, cellular concrete fills the voids where regular methods of compacting are not possible or inappropriate.

As a rule, the use of cellular concrete results in less initial construction costs and greatly reduces maintenance costs if compared with traditional methods.

Cellular concrete has passed the test of time! And this is not the complete list of monolithic cellular concrete applications. There are many more applications in civil and industrial construction, i.e. filling of exhausted oil and gas wells, building heated floors in animal breeding, filling of voids between walls in ship building, dike protection, strengthening of embankments and slopes, in construction of ponds, artificial lakes, reservoirs and dams, etc.

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