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CFC International LLC - Head office

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San Francisco, California,
94107-1366, USA

CFC Interantional LLC is engaged in R&D of innovative construction materials.

We introduce our newest product - Cellular Fibro Concrete (CFC). CFC is a type of cellular concrete produced from a prefabricated dry mix. The technology is unique because CFC can be prepared by simply mixing with water, using standard mixing equipment. The material is water- and frost-resistant, with excellent thermo- and sound-insulation properties, it is fire-resistant and nature friendly.

Our team is devoted to spreading the new technology of CFC production worldwide.      банкя    къщи банкя

Video presentation

CFC cellular concrete dry mixture

Lightweight and strength demanding applications

Since cellular concrete is 3 times lighter on the average than the heavy concrete, it makes transport much easier and cheaper. Cellular concrete can even float on water.

cellular concrete in special lightweight applications

The use of cellular concrete in the construction of roads and bridges in combination with geotextile fabric and mesh, significantly improves constructability and durability of the highways. Lightweight cellular concrete can be used when the highway "floats" in peat bogs or soils. The required thickness of the base is 3 to 5 times less than when using traditional construction materials such as gravel. Having high thermal insulating characteristics, capillary blocking ability, such structures protect themselves from frost heave and magnificently behave in the conditions of permafrost. Typical insulating materials have very limited bearing abilities. To overcome these limitations of traditional materials often the use of multiple structural layers is required, thus increasing the final cost significantly!

cellular concrete in bridges

Many traditional backfills for large tanks (storage facilities for hydrocarbons and their derivatives) include a layer of sand beneath them. Under the tank this layer rises, spreads, etc. This often requires correction of such problems in different ways. Porous or cellular concrete has no such drawback.

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