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CFC International LLC - Head office

303 Second Street,
San Francisco, California,
94107-1366, USA

CFC Interantional LLC is engaged in R&D of innovative construction materials.

We introduce our newest product - Cellular Fibro Concrete (CFC). CFC is a type of cellular concrete produced from a prefabricated dry mix. The technology is unique because CFC can be prepared by simply mixing with water, using standard mixing equipment. The material is water- and frost-resistant, with excellent thermo- and sound-insulation properties, it is fire-resistant and nature friendly.

Our team is devoted to spreading the new technology of CFC production worldwide.      банкя    къщи банкя

Video presentation

CFC cellular concrete dry mixture

Cellular concrete - application

Cellular concrete has a very wide range of applications because of its lightweight, thermal and sound insulation properties, fire and chemical resistance, frost resistance, durability and water resistance.

cellular concrete application

Some areas of application of cellular concrete produced from the dry mix CFC:

  • production of blocks, arches, slabs;
  • thermal insulation and heating in floors;
  • construction and repair of thermo-insulated roofs;
  • construction of dams, artificial lakes and other water basins;
  • building of foundations for reservoirs;
  • filling of voids and cavities;
  • dike protections;
  • construction of mooring lines and ports;
  • strengthening of embankments and slopes; 
  • filling of voids in construction of tunnels and underground railways;
  • strengthening and protection of communication lines and pipes;
  • building of foundations on weak grounds, etc.

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