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CFC Interantional LLC is engaged in R&D of innovative construction materials.

We introduce our newest product - Cellular Fibro Concrete (CFC). CFC is a type of cellular concrete produced from a prefabricated dry mix. The technology is unique because CFC can be prepared by simply mixing with water, using standard mixing equipment. The material is water- and frost-resistant, with excellent thermo- and sound-insulation properties, it is fire-resistant and nature friendly.

Our team is devoted to spreading the new technology of CFC production worldwide.      банкя    къщи банкя

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CFC cellular concrete dry mixture

Roads, bridges, tunnels

It is a well known fact that frost heaving, one of the main factors for destruction of roads, bridges, tunnels, sidewalks, is caused by the capillary migration of water and its freezing at low temperatures. Another reason for destruction of structures are weak grounds.

cellular concrete in roads construction

The advantages of using cellular concrete for road construction are:

  • Capillar blocking - using cellular concrete within the roadway and the sidewalk reduces significantly the damage from frost heaving during the spring thaw;
  • The use of cellular concrete as a base for the sidewalk and the road creates an extremely rigid foundation, thus, prolonging the life of the pavement and reducing maintenance costs;
  • Lower costs - cellular concrete, replacing the insulation and bulk materials in construction, requires a much smaller thickness according to its characteristics, so as a result of this there are significant financial savings;
  • Easy to use - cellular concrete has a liquid consistency, so it is not afraid of the roughness of the excavation. Monolithic porous concrete can be cast and aligned exactly to the required thickness;
  • Less excavation - cellular concrete typically requires three to four times less thickness than the loose materials (sand, gravel), and therefore reduces equally the depth of the pit;
  • Protection from adverse weather conditions - the use of cellular concrete protects the soil from the subgrade softening in precipitation;
  • Reduction of external damage - dumping and compacting of loose materials may violate and weaken the base of the soil subgrade. Cellular concrete is poured in liquid form, so no need of packing or vibration.

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